Eliminates problems arising from lime

A water softener offers the most suitable and versatile solution for water decalcification. In everyday things such as personal hygiene, decalcified water leaves the skin and hair much smoother, softer and hydrated and allows shaving without uncomfortable irritations. The decalcified water facilitates the general cleaning of the home, reduces the time spent and highlights the brightness of the taps, toilets, crockery and glassware.

Domestic water softeners:


Protect your home from the effects of lime, extending the life of household appliances, protecting pipes and fittings as faucets; In addition to obtaining a much greater comfort in your day to day.

Industrial descalers:


Eliminates the problems derived from lime in large facilities such as laundries, hotels or any other application that requires large volumes of lime-free water.

Electronic water softeners:


Physical treatment designed to eliminate the problems derived from lime. Protect your installation and appliances, as well as remove existing incrustations with this low maintenance and low consumption equipment.

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