Pool accessories

Pool sector is very demanding and requires different care and accessories to maximize the enjoyment and comfort of users, for which there is a wide variety of products that BarberColl Group offer you.

Canyons and waterfalls:


In our range of products we can find from curtains of water, with its different fall widths, to decorative waterfalls made of stainless steel materials, as well as the innovative cascades made in ABS. We also find pressure water cannons, with several nozzles to choose, mushroom-shaped water exits or umbrella, and of course, the attractive decorative fountains, which will make your pool a real show full of movement.



A pool cover is always recommended, but it becomes an essential accessory when it comes to heated swimming pools, reducing thermal losses due to convection, which translates into a considerable reduction in the energy consumption required.

Showers for swimming pools:




Large variety of pool showers with different designs and finishes. Solar showers for swimming pool are included in this category, which incorporate with total discretion a water tank that is heated by solar energy to offer more pleasant temperatures.

Clean funds robots:


Robots capable of cleaning the entire pool except on walls of 90 ° inclination, equipped with brushes to scratch and remove dirt, with anti tangle cable systems, etc. It is a product that will make the user forget about the hardest work in terms of maintenance.

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