The pool sector is very demanding, so it is of vital importance to use high quality products in addition to requiring proper maintenance, so that in this way, we can enjoy with ours of a crystal clear, clean and safe water.

Water heating:




Extends the bathing season with the most advanced technologies in the sector, such as aerothermy (heat pump) or thermal solar panels. Request a quote without commitment!

Saline chloration:




The salt electrolysis systems improve the quality of the pool water in a fully automatic closed cycle, without the need to manipulate chemical products and simplifying maintenance tasks.





We offer filtering systems and sand treatment plants, pumping equipment, ultraviolet disinfection equipment, etc.

Solar pumping:





Save 100% of the electricity bill derived from pumping pool water. It is one of the most profitable applications of photovoltaic solar energy. It works like an isolated system and its motor lacks brushes, a fact that considerably lengthens its life.

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