Quality politics:



BarberColl Group S.L. is a company dedicated to the realization of plumbing, air conditioning, renewable energy and fire-fighting installations; repair of breakdowns and preventive maintenance of facilities and sale of sanitary equipment, taps and the like.


BarberColl Group S.L., with the current legal structure, was founded on 4/1/1985, having developed the activities indicated in the previous paragraph in the geographical area of ​​Menorca.


BarberColl Group S.L. establishes as a priority objective within its Quality Policy, that the services they offer deserve the full satisfaction of the client in terms of guarantee and quality, for this, they consider necessary the implementation of the Quality Management System established according to the UNE-EN standard ISO 9001: 2008


The general guidelines of the Quality Policy establish:


1: The satisfaction of our clients is our maxim, that is why we are very interested in your opinion and we have a documented method to consider and quantify, to the extent possible, the degree of satisfaction of the same.


We are committed to developing and enhancing the monitoring we perform of our clients’ satisfaction in order to continuously improve, get our service adapted to their needs and reach their expectations.


2: The final quality of the service provided to the client is the result of the planned and systematic actions of PREVENTION, DETECTION, CORRECTION AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT during the whole cycle, providing a better service than our competitors, so as to strengthen the loyalty and growth of the client portfolio.


In order to carry out our policy and achieve the objective, the unconditional support of all the personnel of the manifested company is absolutely necessary through a firm and constant commitment to Quality. We are confident that all these efforts will revert to improving the quality of our work, helping to ensure a promising future for BarberColl Group S.L.