In BarberColl Group S.L. We are experts in plumbing and other areas such as air conditioning and renewable energy. We offer our clients a practical and simple experience, accompanying them from the initial phase of the project to the maintenance or repairs of their facilities.



Tell us your case and we will analyze it in a personalized way to offer you the best solutions available in the market. We will guide you in making decisions and work to obtain the best result, always taking into account your preferences, tastes and needs.


Once the project has been defined, our team of experts will assess the difficulties present in the installation, and taking into account the preferences of the client together with the constructive possibilities, we will carry out the design of the installation with the aim of obtaining the best performance of the installation, or, the desired aesthetics.


We have a large team of qualified workers who will efficiently and accurately carry out the work corresponding to each project. More than 60 years of experience and a wide portfolio of satisfied customers guarantee us.


In the case of an optional service, we offer to carry out the maintenance of the installations carried out, with the objective that they always work at maximum performance and avoiding possible more expensive breakdowns, and which would cause a lack of comfort in the client.


As in life, everything has an end. Equipment is worn out due to the passage of time, improper use, lack of maintenance or other circumstances. In barberColl Group S.L. We carry out the repair of the installed equipment, being an official service of several brands of great relevance in the market.