Sewage water

Tratamientos para aguas grises, negras y pluviales

Wastewater treatment in Menorca consists of a series of physical, chemical and biological processes that aim to eliminate the contaminants present in effluent water for human use.

Total oxidation treatment plants:


Treatment for gray and/or black water that provides a high degree of purification, so that the resulting water can be considered an alternative source of sustainable, efficient and safe supply for various purposes; from irrigation to non-potable uses of housing or industrial uses.

Septic tanks and filter pits:


Septic tanks with and without anaerobic filter. Despite offering a lower degree of purification than the total oxidation treatment plants, the anaerobic filter allows the use of treated water for irrigation or non-potable uses in buildings and industries; or infiltrate it in terrain.

Rainwater recovery:


Sustainable and efficient supply of water suitable for all non-potable uses and irrigation. Taking advantage of a natural and free resource you can save up to 50% of drinking water.

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