Wellness is a term that is generally used to define a healthy balance between mental, physical and emotional levels, resulting in a state of general well-being.



The sauna has good effects on the body, by releasing, through sweating, which is usually abundant and rapid, toxins and activate blood circulation. It is always accompanied by temperature contrasts, the heat session is followed by a cooling session, which extends the effects of sweating. It is taken for hygienic and therapeutic purposes.



Whirlpool baths with the most cutting-edge technology in the sector and with a careful aesthetics, guaranteeing an absolute comfort experience.

Steam bath:



The steam bath, also known as a hammam or Arab bath, is the wet variant of a sauna, and aims to relax and cleanse the user’s body.

Salt cabins:


The healing properties of salt were already known by our ancestors. Prevents joint disorders, stress, chronic fatigue and cardiovascular problems, also helping in recoveries of skin and respiratory diseases. The negative ions that the cabin emits are a source of relaxation and well-being, offering a sense of balance and indescribable harmony.

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